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What is fitness going to do for you

I think is time for real talk. Let's forget about reps, nutrition, intensity and science for a second and talk about the impact that fitness is going to have on your life.

Not some sort of psychological proven theory that I've read in a book, I want to tell you how my life changed thanks to fitness and I, actually, I'm sure, it will do the same for you. Hope this will give you that final push you need to start working on yourself!

Let's take it from the beginning.

Once upon a time I was very skinny, mu shoulder rounded and I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. Fundamentally I am very shy and introverted and my physical appearance made this personality traits even more accentuated. Being quiet and wanting to go unnoticed in a social environment became a real issue, to the point that all other aspects of my personality got shadowed by my lack of self-confidence. I felt weak.

Rather than facing the real problem, as a 20-year old, I resorted to heavy drinking as a way to appear normal amongst my colleagues and friends. When you lack self-worth it becomes an incredible challenge to confide your issues to other people.

I looked happy, people around thought I was happy but no one really knew how I was feeling. Keeping negative emotions inside and hidden from others is way less uncomfortable than talking about it with your loved ones.

A few miserable years and life-changing events later I touched rock bottom.

I was bankrupt and never felt more lonely.

We don't need to go through all the details, just know that I was at the point where the alarm goes off in the morning and as soon as you open your eyes you just wish you had disappeared overnight into a black hole rather than facing reality.

I had already been working out every now and then at this point. never consistently enough to make a difference and definitely never watched what I was eating. I had no friends because it got to the point where I'd rather be alone so I wouldn't have to pretend things were fine.

Then, on a sunny Sunday morning (I don't actually remember if that was the case, but hey, it sounds more cinematic), I decided that it was time for a change. I don't know what happened, I guess all of sudden I decided to take control rather than be controlled and all the inspirational quotes and motivational speeches I had come across over the years struck a chord within me. I looked in the mirror and I saw a glimpse of who I used to be, felt what it was like to be happy and enjoying life. And for the first time, I really wanted that back.

Took a bit of time to decide how to go from thoughts to action. The idea was to find something I could dedicate all my free time to, that was completely in my control and that had the possibility of setting achievable short and long term goals. As I said, part of my self-confidence issues came from my appearance and it felt like a good starting point for a New Me kind of resolution.

Fitness was the answer and has been the answer to my well-being ever since!

So I hired a coach and went pedal to the metal.

The first 4 weeks were the most painful. But the physical pain was taking away the emotional one. Not by replacing it but by reminding me every day that I had started a journey towards a better version of me, that I was worth something simply because I was willing to work on myself. Every workout became a therapy session. My thoughts, the music and the iron. Every time I pushed the weight back up I felt a small sense of accomplishment.

After every workout, I felt extremely successful, just by showing up and going through the pain I had won the day.

Confidence came shortly after, unexpectedly. I wanted to be seen and heard.

I started smiling.

As time went by, things simply got better. Reading self-improvement books became another addiction. It's incredible how many people with seemingly perfect life has to deal with the same shitty, mind-twisting, self-destroying feelings. Is inspirational to discover how many have turned their mentality around and how their life has been positively affected by a positive attitude.

A couple of days ago, when I started writing this article, I had the intention of telling you how fitness made me more self-confident and self-loving, how it thought me my strength and weaknesses, how it gave me something to look forward to and how reaching milestones made me feel accomplished.

But as I'm writing this I realise that fitness, simply, made me HAPPY.

And when you are happy, good things happen to you!

I really want to thank you for reading this far, it feels good to be able to share this although it is not easy to open up on social platforms and I really hope this post will help if you are in a similar situation.

See you next time!


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